What we learned whilst travelling Asia


We all learn something different when exploring new places. Some things are good and some things are bad they are all lessons learned though. Here are 20 things that Hannah and I learned while exploring South East Asia for 6 months.



1. To not worry about things out of your control.

2. There are always good people who give random acts of kindness, if you let them.

3. Manage your money wisely and it will go further.


4. You'll meet lots of people with a similar outlook on life as you and a passion for travel!

5. How to manage and deal with stress.

6. Getting up early to the sunrise is not always worth it. This was changed in the Himalayas. 

7. Travel gives you perspective and time to think. Reflect on what you really want out of life. 

8. Emotions run high - whether it's sleep deprivation, a whole day of travel, looking for food, a place to stay cut each other slack! 

9. Appreciation for good, locally sourced/grown fresh food. 

10. The media makes out the world is far worse place that it actually is. Fear is not the answer.



1. Each place is different and has its own beauty.

2. A daily budget is easier to manage than a monthly budget.

3. Everything works out in the end.

4. Take photos even when you don't feel like taking photos. In a few years you will wish you had taken more.


5. The Himalayas are bigger and more beautiful than I ever imagined.

6. Less clothes is more. Your back will appreciate it. I had 4 different shorts, one pair had zip pockets and were more fitted and stretchy I ended up wearing these for most of the 6 months. I could have left the other 3 at home.

7. I found if an ATM doesn't work ask the guy standing behind you. They are local and understand it better than you do.

8. The Philippines has the best beaches.

9. Bali has the best smoothie bowls and choice of food in general.

10 Java has the best volcanoes.

 We have been working very hard over the last couple of months to create content for this website. We have many countries still to write about and we will be positing them very soon, so keep checking here and on our Instagram page to see when the latest posts are live.