La Joya II Biu Biu, Bali

"We found paradise"

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Our first stop in Bali couldn't have been better. What can I say about La Joya that doesn’t speak for itself through the photos? 

It must be one of the most relaxing places that we have ever stayed. It is quiet, peaceful and surrounded by nature. La Joya also has its own private beach which was was fun to explore in the morning before the tide came in.

Steps to the private beach

Steps to the private beach

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The resorts two infinity pools were the perfect temperature. they both had incredible views over the ocean and plenty of space to sunbath by them. The main three tiered pool was where most of the guests relaxed (there was only a handful of guest when we were there). The second crescent moon pool had no one by it the whole time we were staying there and was a great place to escape to and feel like you had your own pool over looking the ocean.

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The morning yoga classes overlooked the ocean and there was also a plunge Jacuzzi that sits on the top of the cliff where you can watch the sunset from. You can book it and have it all to yourself. We treated ourselves to a massage in the outdoor spa area. It was extremely peaceful, just us and the waves crashing in the distance. 

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Breakfast made rolling out of bed in the morning so much easier. The menu had a variety of options from more traditional Balinese and Indonesian food to more European breakfasts. We tried the eggs benedict and the American pancakes, but the highlight of the menu was the smoothie dragon bowl for sure. We also had a choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate  and a selection of fruit juices and a plate of fresh fruit. 

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The rooms were a peaceful retreat fully equipped with air con, your own bathroom and plenty of space! They were the perfect hideaway from the heat and the perfect place to chill and read a book. The big windows brought the outside in and also so much light! The beds were super comfortable and spacious, we slept so amazingly well. 

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We were impressed by the selection of meals offered by the resorts restaurant and the pizzas we had as well as the green curries were very good, complimented with a fresh coconut to drink from. It was a great place to watch the sunset and have a romantic evening meal. They were local amenities nearby and very close to other nearby attractions such as Balangang beach, Padang Padang beach, Kuta Golf and Uluwatu Temple. We couldn't recommend it more if you need somewhere to go on honeymoon, or just go for a relaxing break in a great location. 

We loved our time at La Joya and we want to say a big thank you to Celine and all her staff who were just incredible. Every single one of them were happy and smiley and were always the first ones to say hello in the morning.  We will be back again to visit this incredible, quiet and peaceful spot of Bali.

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